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*To view all the pages of each catalog, simply scroll down on each PDF.

DLBA 2020 Annual Report

The Downtown Long Beach Alliance hired me to design their 2020 Annual Report. I worked closely with the CEO and Marketing Director to come up with the basic layout and color scheme. I was then supplied all of the text and photos to be effectively incorporated into each section. Once each section was designed and approved, I made sure the whole report flowed together flawlessly.

ASC Product Catalog

This product catalog was one of the first created for Action Sports Canopies. It was designed to be a three page, double sided, accordion style catalog. It also had to read accurately when transferred to a digital file, which lead to some challenges. I was supplied the product photos and text, but it was up to me to create a design that would benefit from its accordion style layout. With input from fellow designers, I think we came up with a practical solution.

ASC Golf Catalog

Action Sports Canopies hosts an annual golf tournament that's also an ideal opportunity to advertise golf specific products. I was asked to design a catalog that highlighted some of ASC's most popular products. The client wanted a clean design that focused on product renderings and minimal text. I worked with a fellow designer to create the product renderings, and to properly incorporate them into each section.

Premier Canopies Catalog

This was Premier Canopies first product catalog that I was hired to design cover to cover. Boasting a 52 page layout and a tight deadline, it was quite a challenge. With every challenge comes a profound learning experience, and this was no exception. I worked closely with sales reps and creative directors to decide on a basic design and make sure all of the information was presented accurately. Once we had a sturdy foundation, it was just a matter of completing each section in a timely manner.

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